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Love by Fleur - LF


"Love by Fleur is a Small business that Started in 2017 on Instagram , in the beginning I started doing this only for extra money, but ended up loving more than I could ever expect . And I guess because I did with so many love, the things went really well ... 2018 I had my first Mall Pop up . In 2019 I decided to quit my job to focus on my business. I was scared at first, but I needed to make a decision and I decided for chase my dream I opened a Kiosk in the King of Prussia Mall . Seeing my customers happy and satisfied with their purchase always make my day and give me energy to keep improving. Nowadays, my clients know me and in special holidays they even travels to come shop with me ! I feel really grateful have chosen this journey, Today I have a store and hope keep growing  .... "


ABOUT: Meet The Team


Our company is dedicated in Luxury Roses which last up to a year without water or any special care .

Love by Fleur mission is to bring the personalized products to our clients Nationwide. Our products are innovative, modern and high quality. 

A box of roses can be a lovely way to say "thank you" or surprising way to say "I love you". Love by Fleur guarantees a beautiful and everlasting impression . 

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